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A better way to find and connect with local business online...

About Us

My vision is to develop a fair and LOCALY FOCUSED internet marketplace where both consumers and businesses get a FAIR GO online.

No more pay to win, no more hidden secret keyword algorithms, no more high school popularity contests, no more corporate controls, unrealistic expectations or financial barriers determining who gets to be seen online.

The Streets Network is a business and community supported online network, where money does not give one business an advantage over another in order to being found online. 

As a consumer, on TSN you have more control than ever before of how you choose to find, interact and follow businesses online.

Currently, when you use global search or social media – the “choices” you are presented with are heavily filetered, biased where your choices are actually being limited.

Consumers who use these big brands to access the Internet are immediately put into controlled “funnels”,  where whoever has the most money is given exposure.

Favouritism is given to the largest and most established businesses – making it hard, if not impossible for smaller businesses to be found.

It’s a bit more complicated than that of course, but the bottom line is as soon as you search with the big boys, you are shown unfairly filtered, biased and controlled results – all while being made to feel like you are in control.  It’s almost a sham.

All the current Billion Dollar Profits of these search and social media companies rely on things staying exactly the same and profiting as much as possible.

As long as there is no alternate experience they will stay in control of the users and keep draining billions of dollars from our small business economies.

I’m not trying to fix the whole Internet here, or de-commercialise the whole web.  I am just trying to create a platform that provides a truely level economic playing field and a better user experience when it comes to finding business and products online.

TSN is fighting for a better business and consumer experience.

I have been working on solutions to these online socio-economic problems since 1998, and while the Internet has changed as I predicted in regards to economic equality, my ideas for solutions have only grown and changed to keep up with the latest tech and social trends.

While disguised as “free services”,  many local businesses know that in “reality” businesses are expexted to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month to actually be found online by consumers on Google and Facebook.

This is not how I belive the Internet should be.  Everyone should be able to be find and market themselves as free as possible online without influencing the everyday user’s web experience.  Separate the commercial aspects and stop interfering with the user experience.

This sort of “big, altruistic and disruptive” change can never be accomplished with dividend seeking investors and profiteering business models.  It must begin with a grass roots movement of people and businesses who understand the problem – and banding together to support a solution.

I know with support from everyday people and business owners who see the problem, we can make The Streets Network into something that will help FREE BUSINESSES AND CONSUMERS from the corporate controlled web.

My goal is to simply build the best commercial web platform possible that gives everyone the easiest and most complete paths to FIND, CONNECT & KEEP IN TOUCH with their favourite business services and products.

The current network is Australia only and in 2.0 beta.

Version 3.0 is very much planned and ready for development.  This current 2.0 release will be updated, though our current focus a complete rebuild with A LOT of planned changes and features in the works.

Version 3.0 is going to release as a global system, albeit only in English at first.

Version 1.0 of TSN was built in 1999 to take on Yellow Pages Online and was  a 2 person team. It did very well until Google started their own locally focused directory.

They then kicked out all competing local directories out for a “better user experience”.

Google took control of the “local search” playing field and have had control ever since.

Back in the day TSN had over 250,000 users / month in 73 major cities in the US and Australia.  Traffic was mainly from Google and by removing local search engines, competitors and local directories from their results they effectively walled in Google users to their own view of the Internet.

The fight for fair exposure and economic equality online must continue.  The goals and ideology of TSN are still essentially the same as way back in 1998, though currently I’m only one person.

TSN needs business support to relase 3.0 by 2020.

The Streets Network is a small private company that I (Jonathan Huckabee) have a controlling private share by proxy vote.  I am the principal and only (unpaid) Director / employee / programmer.  This page is a testiment to my goals and convictions behind everything TSN represents.

This view and stance has not changed in 20 years.

I belive that transparency in business, especially when providing public and business services, is of utmost importance.

Financially, to be completely independent – we we require $20,000 / month to operate.   That’s the bottom line to cover 2 full time staff, server and marketing expenses.

Our asking fee of $19.95 is not much, and is neither onerous or burdomsome.

TSN needs your support and we hope you will share this page and tell other businesses to get on board if they want change.

We don’t want to become another big business problem with the web, we are here to be a solution.

Every new listing allows a little development time on 2.0 and 3.0
Every $19.95 allows us to work on TSN for 10 minutes.  The rest pays for servers and marketing.

I hope you can see the need for what I’m building, and have faith in this project, show your support by buying a listing for your business and providing feedback if you have time.

No more pay to win, no more hidden secret keyword algorithms, no more fake link popularity contests, no more corporate controls, no more financial barriers as to who gets to be seen and found on the Internet.

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to connecting with you on The Streets Network.

– Jonathan Huckabee
Co-founder / Principal Developer
“Life is what happens to you while chasing your dreams”