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A better way to find and connect with local business online...

About Us


Who are The Streets Network?

We are a network of innovative web developers, programmers and online digital marketers across Australia.

Our mission is to build better local Internet resources that connect Australian businesses with customers on-line in a better, fairer and more transparent way.

We have been developing search engines, on-line directories and community networking systems since 1999.

So what is The Streets Network exactly?

The Streets Network is an online social + business directory and networking site where people and businesses can easily find and connect with each other – all in one place instead of across many different “global search engines and social networks”.

The Streets Network is specifically designed to connect people and business better than ever before.  It is a place where business and people have the choice, power and online tools to be able to find, follow and connect easily with each other online.

The Streets Network is a place where local businesses can be found easily and prosper based on their merits, not the size of their “pay per click” bank accounts or their “search engine optimisation experts”.

What does The Streets Network currently offer?

The Streets Network is a place where both people and business members can easily:

  • find, follow and connect with each other,
  • follow business activity updates to keep informed of events, special offers, business activity, latest news and more,
  • build connections and friendships with other members and share activity,
  • build a list of favourite discovered businesses so one will never have to “search” for that business again.
  • sign up with a free membership
  • find more ways to connect with businesses online than just “seaching”
  • add Social & Other Network links directly from your business directory page
  • lifetime business directory inclusion with no recurring fees and unlimited listing updates.

What does The Streets Network do away with?

  • no more “Pay to Win” search ranking system – everyone gets found!
  • no more “Pay Per Click”
  • no more “bidding wars” to see who gets top ranking
  • no more  “dropping off in the search results”.

We provide stability in the online marketplace. People will always be able to find a specific business and their web site link in our directory.

Why do we need The Streets Network?

People are missing out on finding really great local businesses and locally available products simply because the “global search engines” aren’t doing a good enough job.

Businesses are suffering and being “left out and unable to compete online” simply because they can’t pass the Global Search Providers hidden and secret “ranking” systems and their “PAGE 1” mentality.

Many other businessses are simply being “blacklisted / sandboxed / censored” for whatever reason they dictate.

FACT: Pay-per-click and SEO are costing our Australian small business economy literally TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars per month – that’s easily 1000’s of JOBS.

FACT: 96% of all businesses in Australia are SMALL BUSINESS.

FACT: most of the PAGE 1 businesses in “search engines” are BIG BUSINESS

The Global Search Engines are increasingly favouring large corporations and fostering a “pay to win” environment.  This stiffles local competition.  Those that don’t have the knowledge, time or the money will simply NOT BE FOUND on these “Global Search” systems.

Consumers suffer because they are missing out on finding some really great Australian businesses online simply because they don’t have a better alternative system for connecting with local business.

We feel we have a solution and invite you and your associates to join and experience the difference of searching and networking locally.

Why should my small business or I support The Streets Network?

Change requires the support and commitment of both businesses and users who want a better, fairer system for our local online business economy.

Our directory and search networks are focused on helping small business.  We are dedicated to building a better online network and search system where everyone gets a fair go and people have more choice in how they find and connect with local businesses.

Change requires support.  Without change things will only get worse for small business and our local economies. People that continue to use Global Search for Local Business will have less choice and the small providers will eventually be replaced by the larger corporations and big brands.  Working for one’s self will become more difficult in many industries.

People need to understand that current “global search” systems are siphoning TENS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS per month out of AUSTRALIAN local economies, hurting small business and reducing job growth. 

We are building a better system for finding and connecting local people with Australian business online.

What Can I Do to Help?

As a local business add your business to the directory, spread the word to other businesses,  and most importantly use TSN as a network member to find and connect with other businesses.

We are only asking a small fee to help pay for our servers, programmers and customer support team. This keeps the GARBAGE / SPAMMERS / SCAMMERS out of our network and raises the QUALITY of our result for users.

As a local user and consumer you can support your local business economy by searching alternative Internet search services like ours.  

Wherever possible stop using Global Search Engines for Local Business Searches. While “convenient and easy”, these Global Search Engines are ultimately reducing your level of choice.  Avoid clicking on PAY PER CLICK ADS and help keep money in your local business economy.

Every business search you do on alternative sites like The Streets Network helps fight globalisation and keeps money in your local economy.

Now you know…

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us and our vision. Do take a look around, join up and get connected. Make us your homepage and see what a difference it will make. Search us first on your phone by going to TSN.com.au  (app coming ASAP!).  Tell your associates and friends. We have a lot of ideas for the future + many business members who you won’t find “searching” on the Global Search Engines.

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to connecting with you on The Streets Network!
– Jonathan Huckabee
Co-founder / Principal Developer
“Life is what happens to you while chasing your dreams”

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